Seraphim Burmese

Beautiful and loving


Quotes Hi Carolyn, Meko , at 5 months now, is handsome, cheeky, naughty, intelligent, unpredictable and absolutely adorable. He makes us happy every day. Thank you for our little ratbag Meko. Quotes
Nancy Gibson

Quotes Cassie will be 4 next month, She is the most amazing cat, we have friends that aren't cat people that have fallen in love with her. She is so beautiful and she makes me happy every day. I love her cuddles and that she loves sleeping on my lap. Best Cat Ever!!! Quotes
My favourite Daughter

Quotes The boys have settled in really well and are just the snuggliest and loveliest little guys. They?re best friends, and completely inseparable. Ben and I (and everyone who has met them) are completely smitten. They?re hugely adventurous and are enjoying finding all the hidey-holes our home has to offer (my shoe cupboard is the current favourite). Quotes

Quotes It will be 2 weeks tomorrow that we have had Milo for. He has been absolutely fantastic and an absolute delight to have around. Thank you so much for everything - the information, advice and most of all Milo. Quotes

Quotes Lexie is settling in really nicely and were having lots of fun with her I think shes going 2 be a fabulous addition. Shes found the litter (no more accidents) and is even getting along with our older cat Nellie Quotes

Quotes Hi just to let you know she's settled in well and the perfect kitten thank you so much for her on such short notice you were very helpful Quotes
gresham fenton
thank you

Quotes Hi Carolyn, Just to let you know that our two new little girls have settled in well. They are an absolute delight for both of us! Thank you for giving us such gorgeous girls. Carol xo Quotes
Thank you